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Land Scaping

Features & Advantages :
  • Increases the value for Home.
  • Makes your home more attractive to prospective.
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs.
  • Local Noise and Heat Reduction.
  • Erosion control reduces the loss of soils in waterways.
  • Reduction in Evaporation and soil degradation.
  • Provide Privacy.

Dan Landscaping

DAN Technologies: Landscaping can be defined as the addition of plants, manipulation of terrain, and the construction of structures. There are many different styles of landscaping to choose from. Photo by DAN Technologies. Landscapes can be purely aesthetic or serve a function such as outdoor cooking.

Simply put, if you can look out your window and see a fixed feature in your yard affecting the overall aesthetics or practical functioning of your property, then that feature is part of the "landscaping" of the property. Note also that some practical features of ones landscaping, such as underground drainage systems, are of critical importance even though they exist unseen. 

Types of Landscaping Features
Planting beds (such as flower borders), Lawns, Shrubs, Flowering trees, Foundation plantings,
Driveways, Walkways, Fences, Fountains, Water gardens

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