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Swimming Pool

Features & Advantages:
  • We Will Design Free for our Clients and Archietects
  • Low Impact Exercise
  • Best Quality with Comfort & Peace of Mind
  • Perfect finish
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Clear Water
  • Compact built
  • A Place For Healthy Family Fun & Sociolize.
  • Special Benefits for Asthmatic peoples.
  • Stress Reducer and also Reduces your Weight

Dan Overflow swimming pool

Overflow swimming pool is very popular type of pool, because of its possibility of using as both public and private pool. Because of pool´s technological and design solution this pool-type gives the impression of luxury and uniqueness. These pools are also more aesthetic than swimming-pools with skimmer.  Swimming-pools with overflow channel are the latest type of plastic pools made by Patria Kobylí, a. s. and are also the most frequently sold ones.

Advantages of overflow swimming pool:
Water extends to the upper edge of the pool.
The edge is finished with overflow channel which carries water through buffer tank to the filtration system. 
Channel is covered by grating, which is in the same level as the surrounding terrain is. 
Swimming-pool with overflow channel is completely sunken in the terrain.
Maintenance is easier and faster than in case of skimmer swimming-pool.

Dan's Skimmer Swimming Pool's

DAN Technologies :Skimmer pools are older, less aesthetic and cheaper types of swimming-pools. These pools are recommended for customers, who do not mind more difficult maintenance of the pool and its less attractive appearance. DAN swimming-pools with skimmer are completely sunken in the terrain. Level of the water is around 10 – 15 cm below the upper edge of pool.

Dan's Infinity Swimming Pool's

DAN Technologies : Infinity edge pools are all custom-built; the larger, more elaborate ones can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
That's because the pool's "vanishing edge" requires a complex structural and mechanical feat. You'll need architects and engineers to design the foundation and the catch basin (to manage the water's overflow).

Unlike for Endless Pools, installers for an infinity edge pool are rare, and thus expensive. Once it's built, an infinity edge pool costs more in water (they can't be covered, so more evaporates) and energy (the massive pumps from the catch basin run constantly) than an Endless Pool.

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